How do you know if you are a maverick? Check all that apply.

[  ] You tend to be decisive, leaving behind those who struggle with analysis paralysis.

[  ] You make decisions more quickly than others based upon your rapid assimilation of multiple factors or considerations.

[  ] You are sometimes given feedback that you come on “too strong”.

[  ] There are times when people are offended or upset with you and you don’t understand why.

[  ] You have been told that you need to monitor your tone of voice or affect.

[  ] You are very good at the technical aspects of your position, but find the interpersonal realm and corporate politics difficult to navigate.

[  ] You sense that people tip toe around you.

[  ] You have been told, or sense, that people find you unapproachable.

[  ] You get a lot done quickly, but find that there is some fall out from some of your actions and/or decisions.