How do you know if you work with a maverick?

[  ] He, or she, is strong willed and can be opinionated.

[  ] He, or she, makes rapid decisions and works full speed ahead, sometimes without concern for repercussions.

[  ] He, or she, comes across as a powerful personality.

[  ] He, or she, is decisive.

[  ] He, or she, sometimes “breaks glass” while navigating corporate politics. People get upset or offended by his, or her, methods or communication style.

[  ] He, or she, is often the subject of complaints by peers, subordinates or clients that he is being too direct, too off hand, or too dismissive.

[  ] He, or she, is very good at the technical aspects of his, or her, position.

[  ] While he, or she, is very valuable to the organization, the fallout from some of his or her behaviors causes workplace challenges.