1. The Maverick Challenge

    For the maverick, life presents a series of challenges which she will tackle with her formidable problem solving skills. She may even distinguish herself as a crisis management expert. But after the crisis is over, and in spite of multiple victories, the unmoderated maverick breaks some glass here a…Read More

  2. The Hard Truth About Soft Skills

    Every manager will come face to face with the specter of his communication skills limitations. It often happens at the worst times. During a crisis, at an important team meeting or with a client. Unless a manager is constantly working to improve his soft skills, also called interpersonal skills, he …Read More

  3. Mean Bosses Mean Losses

    Corporate America, pay attention. Billions of dollars of revenue are lost annually in the American economy because of mean, nasty and brutish bosses. Outrageous claim? I didn’t make it up. See the resources referenced at the bottom of this post that document that because of nasty bosses, people ar…Read More

  4. Don’t Shoot the Messenger, Promote Him

    Most leaders live in a bubble, surrounded by an echo chamber of yes men and women. Likewise, few team members ever stick their neck out to say what is unsaid and speak truth to power. Charm School for Mavericks teaches leaders to not only listen to the unpopular viewpoint, but to value it. Why don…Read More