Lower the Heat, Brighten the Light

Charm School for Mavericks provides success coaching for people with powerful personalities. We refer to people with powerful personalities as “mavericks”.

People with strong personalities have the power to influence situations and other people for the better or for the worse.

How they use their power is a question of ethics, intention and consciousness.

We strive to help all mavericks find their balance of POWER and PRINCIPLES. That is, the balance between their strong tendencies to lead through power play, tempered by their sincere recognition of the value of other people, the need for diversity of opinions and the practice of heart centered leadership.

All mavericks have the opportunity to be visionary leaders and centers of influence, if they use their power to spread less heat and shed more light.

Charm School for Mavericks is the marketing name of our executive coaching process. While working with clients, the program is called EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP COACHING.

Clients are typically identified for Executive Leadership Coaching by stakeholders, such as Human Resources leaders, up-line mangers and c-suite executives.

The Executive Leadership Coaching process begins with a half day (ideally a whole day) intensive working session with one of our coaches in order to build rapport and trust, familiarize the client with the Executive Leadership Principles and other principles which form the foundation of the coaching series. This intensive session is followed by a minimum of three (3) months of remote coaching through SKYPE or telephone through weekly one to one and a half hour sessions.

OPT OUT: At the six (6) week mark of the remote coaching, the stakeholders meet telephonically with the lead coach to review the coaching process and if, at that time, the stakeholders do not see any improvement, they have an opportunity to opt out of the rest of the coaching series. We offer this “opt out” because we cannot guarantee our work as it is entirely dependent upon the willingness of the client to be open, engage in self-reflection and form an intention to embrace the coaching process. This “opt out” provides some assurance to the stakeholders that they can stop the coaching process midpoint without incurring additional fees.

During the initial coaching intensive, and throughout the remote coaching process, the client learns to appreciate and understand the following subjects:

  • Intentional leadership practices
  • Fair uses of power
  • The Balance of Power & Principles
  • Collaborative team play
  • Transforming conflict through rapport
  • Facilitation skills
  • Positive Direct Communication
  • Disarming with charm
  • Elevating charisma
  • The persuasion equation
  • Emotional intelligence

Client gains:

  • Deeper, more productive business and personal relationships
  • Liberation from old, destructive patterns of defensiveness
  • Greater ease and confidence in social situations
  • Increased team play skills
  • Freedom from any tendency to intimidate others or attract conflict
  • More thoughtful and conscious use of personal power
  • Increased persuasiveness and charisma
  • Heart centered, thoughtful and intentional leadership skills

Stakeholders we love to work with are:

  • Genuinely interested in increasing employee engagement by those employees who work for the executive selected for Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Aware of the high cost of turnover and value the contributions of the executive they are thinking of supporting through our Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Willing to invest in their top talent to help increase their effectiveness and longevity with the company

Contact L. Kay Wilson for a free initial consultation at 1-860-559-3733 or email her at kay@kaywilson.net.