10 Week One-on-One Coaching Intensive

The focus of this intensive coaching series is to help you master the Maverick Leadership Principles which are game changing in terms of your leadership approach, attitude, skills and inter-relational style.
This leadership development process consists of ten (10) weeks of one-on-one coaching via live video-conferencing (you choose the technology; SKYPE, VOOM, Messenger, other).
We kickoff the coaching process the first week with a one (1) hour introductory session during which we:

  1. Identify your leadership strengths;
  2. Uncover leadership challenges;
  3. Set leadership development goals; and,
  4. Review feedback you have received from others.

You have the option to include another person who is a stakeholder in this first session.

During the initial session, it will become apparent whether or not we are a good coaching fit. If you agree to move forward, thereafter, we will meet in 1/2 hour increments twice a week for eight weeks. The first half hour session is scheduled in the beginning of each week wherein we will review and discuss one of the ten (10) Maverick Leadership Principles that you will focus on practicing and implementing during the week. At the end of each week, we will meet for another half hour to review the principle again, discuss how you applied it and consider your results and questions.

At the end of the ten (10) week series, we will meet for a final hour during which we will recap the ten principles, answer any questions you may have, gage any other gaps in your leadership skills matrix and identify additional resources for your continued development as a leader. You may include a stakeholder in this final session. We will not spend time on your feedback for me as a coach during this session because the focus will be on giving you and your leadership development our full attention.

Written feedback on this process and my coaching services will be requested from you in an easy to use format. However, you are under no obligation to give any feedback.


The fee for this coaching series is $4,500.00, which must be paid in full prior to beginning the coaching process and which covers the coaching materials and ten (10) hours of one-on-one executive leadership coaching.
Opt-out: After the first one hour kickoff coaching session, if you do not feel that there is a good fit between you and your coach, you may opt-out of continuing the coaching series. Once you return, and we receive, the coaching materials provided to you for this coaching process, you will be refunded $4,000.00 within five business days.