Couse Goals

This course is designed to foster motivation and self-mastery through an examination of:

  1. How our beliefs shape our lives and how we can choose to let go of limiting belief systems
  2. How negative patterns of behavior can be overcome
  3. How to switch  to possibility thinking and intelligent optimism
  4. How to take good risks and overcome the fear of taking chances
  5. The nature of personal freedom and the opportunity to express the highest version of ourselves to the world.
  6. How to get our power back, and…
  7. The call to purpose and self-expression in this life.

This class allows open, safe, and fair discussion of all relevant ideas. Each student will be respected for his or her unique contribution to the class.

L. Kay Wilson is an attorney, life coach, and dynamic motivational speaker who has delivered hundreds of hours of training and facilitation to a range of audiences. She is a member of the National Speakers Association and an experienced life coach. Attorney Wilson has delivered to the program Motivation and Self Mastery for two and a half years for the State of Connecticut and it has received praise and enthusiasm from students.