1. Engage in fair uses of power as a habit of honor and nobility. Those with the most power have an obligation to use their power fairly. Model fair uses of power at all times.
  2. Protect and respect the minority viewpoint. That viewpoint must be acknowledged and fully considered in order for your team, family or community to have faith in your assurances that “out of the box” creative thinking will be rewarded. Prove it.
  3. Encourage cross-thinking and cross-pollination among team members. Encourage your team to compare their ideas and build upon each other’s contributions while building community and a shared sense of purpose.
  4. As a habit, hold back on strong opinions to avoid dampening others’ willingness to make contributions to the group or meeting. If you come on too strong to fast, everyone will clam up. If you hold back on delivering a pronouncement, you will be surprised at how creative your team can be.
  5. Maintain a safe and fair dialogue between you, your team and between team members. Always facilitate your teams’ interactions so that they don’t engage in domination tactics or violate the principle of fair uses of power.
  6. Speak truth to power using the Positive Direct Communication™ model and encourage your team to speak truth to you.
  7. Accept and encourage feedback from your team, peers and up-line managers. Engage in REAL open-door practices.
  8. Find ways to constantly acknowledge the contributions of your peers, upline managers, support staff and your team members.
  9. Always remember, everyone needs to feel respected, acknowledged and included.MANTRA: Respect, Acknowledge, Include.
  10. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, consciously work to build community, connection and shared understanding.