How do you know if you are a maverick?

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[ ] You tend to be decisive, leaving behind those who struggle with analysis paralysis.[ ] You make decisions more quickly than others based upon your rapid assimilation of multiple factors or considerations.

[ ] You are sometimes given feedback that you come on “too strong”.

[ ] There are times when people are offended or upset with you and you don’t understand why.

[ ] You have been told that you need to monitor your tone of voice or affect.

[ ] You are very good at the technical aspects of your position, but find the interpersonal realm and corporate politics difficult to navigate.

[ ] You sense that people tip toe around you.

[ ] You have been told, or sense, that people find you unapproachable.

[ ] You get a lot done quickly, but find that there is some fall out from some of your actions and/or decisions.

How do you know if you work with a maverick?

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[ ] He, or she, is strong willed and can be opinionated.

[ ] He, or she, makes rapid decisions and works full speed ahead, sometimes without concern for repercussions.

[ ] He, or she, comes across as a powerful personality.

[ ] He, or she, is decisive.

[ ] He, or she, sometimes “breaks glass” while navigating corporate politics. People get upset or offended by his, or her, methods or communication style.

[ ] He, or she, is often the subject of complaints by peers, subordinates or clients that he is being too direct, too off hand, or too dismissive.

[ ] He, or she, is very good at the technical aspects of his, or her, position.

[ ] While he, or she, is very valuable to the organization, the fallout from some of his or her behaviors causes workplace challenges.

How do you know if your team needs an intervention and/or facilitation?

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[ ] Team goals are set but don’t get accomplished on time, or at all.

[ ] There is unresolved conflict among the team members.

[ ] Some team members have refused to work with other team members.

[ ] There is a palpable lack of trust among certain team members.

[ ] Team meetings are interminable and don’t accomplish what needs to be done in an efficient manner.

[ ] One or more team members dominate all discussions.

[ ] Some team members go into silent mode when tensions run high and not every team member participates in important discussions.

[ ] Team leadership engages in giving murky, unclear or impossible directives to the team.

[ ] Team leadership falters when it comes to cultivating team buy-in for important projects and decisions.

When should you seek executive leadership coaching?

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[ ] You feel overwhelmed by your position and responsibilities.

[ ] Office politics baffle and annoy you.

[ ] You have been told that you come on too strong.

[ ] You feel like you need to sharpen the saw and set new goals.

[ ] You feel like you are not being taken seriously and want to improve on your image and likeability factor.

[ ] You’ve hit the wall and feel unmotivated by your current responsibilities.

[ ] You need to master gender politics.

[ ] You haven’t been promoted in a while and some opportunities have passed you by.

[ ] You’re concerned about your reputation in the workplace and want to improve it.