Most of the following program are available as a keynote or a seminar.

Facing Forward: Harnessing the Talent of Millennials

The workplace has, at any moment, at least three generations working together. In today’s environment, most of management consists of Baby Boomers or Generation X-ers. Incoming employees are typically Generation Y or Millennials. There is much that all of the generations can learn from each other while working together to build a positive workplace culture. This seminar/training focuses of building bridges between the generations, with an emphasis on effectively on-boarding the Millennial generation. The processes and techniques used in this seminar are co-facilitated by executive coach L. Kay Wilson and coach Ryan Chanman, himself a Millennial. Keynote is delivered by L. Kay Wilson. Full outline upon request.

Diversity University

Diversity is good because in today’s world of business, it’s all hands on deck. We need every person to be harnessed according to his or her talents in order to collaborate as a team to solve pressing challenges.

Diversity University evolved from diversity training that L. Kay Wilson designed while serving as an attorney for the United States Postal Service law department. At the time, Attorney Wilson was delivering diversity training to supervisors and managers in a production environment (mail processing plants). Her training was well received and garnered awards and recognition.

Over time, Diversity University grew to incorporate ideas from emotional intelligence studies, leadership principles, social dynamics research, and positive psychology. Full outline upon request.

Charm School for Mavericks as a Keynote or Seminar

Got power? If you are a Maverick, you do. Power galore. It’s what you do with that power that matters. Powerful people often have a blind spot when it comes to the affect they have upon others. Charm School for Mavericks teaches mavericks how to moderate their wattage so their power doesn’t wane, or create collateral damage. Both keynote and seminar are delivered by coach L. Kay Wilson. Full outline upon request.

How to Manage Your Boss

To effectively work with any up-line manager, an employee needs to understand the needs and drives of that manager. This seminar focuses on delivering tried and true techniques to help employees communicate efficiently with their managers about project focuses and outcomes, while making sure that they are on track to deliver according to expectations. Full outline upon request.

Motivational Management: The Art of Inspiring Your Workforce

There is a high cost to employee disengagement. Most managers think that employees are focused on pay as their major incentive. They are wrong. Learn about what really motivates employees and how to deliver it to them in low cost, effective ways. Full outline upon request.

The Soul of Service

All of the major wisdom traditions agree: the soul of life is service to others. What is at the heart of service? Giving of self, respecting others, and contributing value in all situations. These wisdom principles translate well in the business environment. Full outline upon request.

Women’s Power Through Influence

Women have a unique way of being and contributing to the business world. The truth is that men and women approach business challenges and career choices differently. Women executives and entrepreneurs need to know how to convey their competence, assert their power, garner influence and build alliances. Corporate and business politics abound. Know the rules and get ahead without unwittingly making career stopping mistakes. Full outline upon request.